I’m Craig Ingutti

Botanist & Commercial Grow Design Consultant

The Mission:

Medicine for the People

We create state-of-the-art grow operations and extraction labs for the commercial cannabis and hemp industries. From seed to sale, we deliver high standards and lower operational costs to clients like you.

We know our marijuana. For almost 20 years, we’ve been producing some of the highest quality, commercially-grown cannabis & hemp in the world. As industry leaders, we bring the best technology, formulas and methods into the process, maximizing quality, potency, and yield.

By combining our trade secret methods with the best automation technologies available, we can assure that your grow operation is both labor and energy efficient. Our rockstar team of specialists are committed to helping you navigate through both the technical and the creative process of planning your new grow.

Financial Planning

We’ll generate accurate predictions and detailed proformas, for all business planning needs

Licensing & Compliance

We’ll guide you through the permit and licensing process, designing your operation in congruence with all city and state regulations

Architecture & Engineering

We refer you state-licensed designers, knowledgeable in the unique needs of indoor and greenhouse grows

Management & Process Design

We can help screen & recruit the best talent for your team and recommend the best technologies to keep your production efficient.


We come from a long history of growing top shelf medicine. It’s what we do! However, we strongly believe in working “smarter, not harder”, so our designs and problem-solving prowess are always coming from a model of efficiency. In this field, technology and automation are our keys to reducing labor costs, without sacrificing quality. At the end of the day, the profitability of your business comes down to your total cost-per-pound to cultivate. We bring our creative ideas and problem-solving skills to the table, reflecting this same efficiency.

Years Experience

Grow Design

Pounds Yielded

Quality Control

For maximum yeilds and highest quality possible, we take a biological approach to cultivation - making compositional / microbial testing and nutrient uptake analysis into quality control standards for your commercial grow

• Plant tissue analysis
• Nutrient Runoff Testing (ph, TDS)
• Mold detection, Pest ID, & IPM Treatments
• ISO cleanroom standards & protocol
• U.S. GMP Standards


Our value to you comes from

our long history of experience in the industry. This enables us to provide you with the most up-to-date knowledge and technologies used in today’s commercial indoor and greenhouse cultivation industries……

Intelligent Design
With our commitment to remaining competitive in today’s market, we integrate practical science & technologies into our designs, to streamline your success.

Fertigation Control

Smart phone controlled irrigation system design that enables complex, customized feed formulas while maintaining water consumption efficiency.

Trichome / Terpene Chemistry

Use of organic & biological methods to maximize trichome density, while triggering plants to generate increased terpenes that are critical to the efficacy of cannabinoid absorption.

Extraction Lab Process Design

Bringing the latest & most user-friendly extraction technologies to the table, for a customizable approach to your company’s needs, all within local & state regulations.

Plant Tissue Analysis

Integrating lab processes and accurate on-site testing methods to assess plant health, by analyzing nutrient absorption issues, metabolic efficiency, pH problems, etc.

Let’s Build Something Amazing Together!