About Cannabiz

Though our experience & track record speaks for itself, we’d be happy to provide you with references to previous client / partners, upon request.

About Cannabiz

We design, implement, and manage large-scale commercial cannabis grow facilities that are labor and energy efficient, and produce medical-grade cannabis & extracts of the highest quality and potency. As a team, our exceptional ability to navigate and problem-solve through both the technical and creative process of our clients’ vision comes from decades of experience in the commercial cannabis and high-CBD hemp industries.

Cannabiz.pro is a science-based team of growers, chemists, and engineers, who can help propel your vision for a new cannabis business into reality. The emerging markets of legal marijuana and hemp are dynamic and can seem ever-changing. Planning a cultivation site, nursery, edibles kitchen, testing lab, or dispensary can be complicated, to say the least. We take the mystery out of the equation and can help you determine the viability and profitablity of your vision.

About Craig

Craig is an industry leader with over 16 years experience designing, building, and managing indoor cannabis grow operations in California, Colorado, Oregon, Arizona, etc. He’s proficient in all growing systems, including hydroponics, aeroponics, coco coir, and soil.. A former workshop instructor in Oakland, CA., he’s taught propagation (cloning) techniques, environmental control theory / design, and indoor garden construction for handicapped patients. As a care provider shortly after the passing of Prop. 215 in California, Craig held grow contracts with over a dozen dispensaries in L.A., consistently delivering over 20% THC for many strains.
Founder & former co-owner of The Herbal Connection (THC), a 501c3 medical marijuana patient collective, dispensary, and delivery service, in Venice, CA., he now specializes in the design and implementation of commercial indoor & greenhouse cultivation facilities, and has become an expert in breeding of high-CBD hemp and cannabis genetics. Craig is an active member of the National Hemp Association & the Boulder Cannabis Professionals Association, highlighting new business strategies, as they pertain to the rapidly expanding marijuana & hemp industries.




  • Indoor Cannabis Cultivation Expert – 15 years+ experience, complete seed-to sale process management.
  •  Soil, Hydroponics, Coco, Aeroponics gardening proficiency – both design & implementation
  •  Aquaponics / Vertical Farming Design: closed-loop fish & food production
  •  Cannabis & Hemp Strain / Cultivar Expert: Experience growing over 80 THC strains + several high-CBD hemp strains
  •  ‘Hemp Hybrid’ Expertise (2+ years experience working with and isolating optimal ACDC phenotypes, for retail sales of both flower & extract)
  •  Proficiency in managing teams of 12-15 (growers, trimmers, laborers)
  •  Consistent crop harvests of ‘top shelf’ quality with CA state lab-test confirmations
  •  Teaching experience (cloning, hybridization, environmental control, quality control)
  •  Successful Organic Pest Management & Control Methods
  •  Over a decade of experience with Electrical, Plumbing & HVAC
  •  Centralized Drip System & Feed Automation
  •  Organic / Synthetic Nutrient Formulas (General Hydro, Age Old Organics, etc.)
  •  10 yrs. experience with Plant Growth Regulators (PGR’s) for increased yields and flower size. Proficient with hormonal manipulation & subsequent flushing methods



1998 – (not completed)


University of Rhode Island, R.I.
MINORS: Chemistry / Plant Physiology

Work History
2015-now: Master Cultivator, Facility Design, SOMA Colorado

Design, implementation, and management of 20,000sq.ft. indoor medical cannabis grow facility. Integrated automated drip irrigation & extensive app & cloud-basedremote management technology for monitoring crop vitality, environmental variables, security, and management of employees. Licensed by state of Arizona as a dispensary agent and commercial cultivator.


Master Grower, CBD Hemp Technologies, Inc. – Design & implementation of 60,000sq.ft. indoor commercial hemp grow facility, including management of all architectural, engineering, plumbing, HVAC, electrical, city permitting, and CO state licensing process. Built and co-managed tissue culture laboratory (for micropropagation). Executed efficient & successful vertical growing design, use of LED lighting and centralized environmental control & data collection technologies.


Master Grower, Care Provider, Consultant – Built & operated private, state-licensed Oakland warehouse operation, with approximately 1000 plants, using 80-90k watts air- cooled HPS lighting. Nursery propagation using aeroponic cloning (soilless), T5 lighting, near 100% cloning success rate. Managed team of 12 for daily maintenance, pruning, soil testing, etc.


Workshop Instructor, Oaksterdam University, Oakland, CA. Taught weekend workshops on aeroponic cloning, environmental control, and indoor garden design for handicapped patients. Collaborated knowledge with some of the best in the industry


Co-Founder, Guerneville Aquaponics (with Bodhi Kroll, PhD) 3-tanks fish, 6 tanks of food production (mostly greens & microgreens. Complex environmental control & design (pH, EC, H2O-dissolved O2, CO2 supplementation, etc.)

Though our experience & track record speaks for itself, we’ll provide you with references to previous client / partners, upon request.